Solutions of problems in defining indicators of agricultural land within the framework of activities for the implementation of the concept of development monitoring in the russian federation

  • Авторы:Volkov S.N., Shapovalov D.A., Klyushin P.V., Shirokova V.A., Khutorova A.O.
  • Журнал:GeoConference SGEM
  • Том:17
  • Номер:52
  • Год издания:2017
  • Первая страница:819
  • Последняя страница:828
  • DOI:10.5593/sgem2017/52/S20.105
  • Аннотация:The article is devoted to solving the problems of the receving indicators of agricultural land, which is characterized not only by fertility, but other indicators, defining the status of agricultural land. Such indicators are indicators of the federal monitoring of lands that allow timely identification and application of methods of land management changes in economic activity, which enables you to optimize land use and sustainability of agricultural land. It is shown that one of the basic problems of land monitoring is the choice of methods of analysis and evaluation of the negative processes in the lands of agricultural purpose, prediction of their condition and their elimination. The authors examine the possible ways to consistently assess the status and methods of application of modern technologies and means of monitoring and evaluation of agricultural land, based on research in the Belgorod region and other regions of Russia. The authors offer new ways to create a centralized state information resources of agricultural lands and those lands within the lands of other categories on the basis of the introduction of new tools and technologies for environmental protection and improvement.